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Our dedicated team at BOUNCE does all the heavy lifting when negotiating the financial and operational participation of our strategic sponsors. Hands-off is our moto for our partner organizations


We strongly believe that organizations exist to benefit families, therefore we want families to have a FUN & REWARDING experience while financially benefiting their organization at the same time


The BOUNCE Experience utilizes mobile technology to CONNECT our participating organizations with our business partners. By making this experience competitive and fun, every stakeholder can benefit greatly


BOUNCE Members must see immediate value in their experience in order to develop trust towards on-going future particiation. If done correctly, creating a Year-Round Income Stream for organizations takes time

About Us

helping organizations realize smarter fundraising

The BOUNCE Experience utilizes technology to create a SIMPLE, FUN, & COMPETITIVE experience for all of our users and members supporting their preferred community organization. There are NO products to sell... NO donations... just your mobile phone. Our proprietary eco-system provides our members a rewarding experience while financially benefiting their preferred organization. Our mission is to help organizations use technology to leverage their biggest asset... "the affinity for their cause"

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